How To Get To Mars

How to get to Mars? well it takes about 7 months and this video is an extract from the IMAX documentary of 2006.

There have been 7 missions to the red planet. Two of these were conducted by the Russians in 1971 and one by the European Space Agency in 2003 where the craft Beagle 2 was thought to have been lost upon landing but scientists have recently discovered its landing site. The other 4 missions were led by NASA and were staged in 1997, 2003/4 (Mars Exploration Rover), 2010 and 2012.

New technology is being developed to create a revolutionary engine that could cut the time taken to travel to Mars from 7 months to just 39 days. The Vasimr engine uses plasma as a fuel and is being developed by a Texas company called Ad Astra Rocket. It is hoped that this will provide a big advance for the prospect of a manned mission within the next ten years.