Paper Towels vs Hand Driers

For years people have wondered which works better, paper towels or hand driers? With over 80% of infectious diseases being spread by our hand every day, it is pretty important to know how to prevent this in the best way possible.

Washing Your Hands Helps

Obviously the washing the hands part does most of the work, if you don’t use soap or wash them properly you’ll still have dirty hands no matter how you dry them. But this still leaves the question of which is cleaner, using paper towels or hand driers.

It’s all to do with Timing

Obviously, a hand drier takes much longer to dry your hands on than a paper towel.Because of this fact, researchers decided to see how dry peoples hands were actually getting. The process of drying your hands is completely nullified if you touch something like your clothes or a bathroom door while they are still wet, so it makes sense that the drier they are the cleaner they stay. The studies showed that it takes about 45 seconds under a hand drier to reduce hand moisture by 97%, but most people only dry their hands for about 22 seconds, which still leaves them pretty wet. Paper towels take only 5 seconds to dry hands by 85% which is way quicker, and therefore maybe more effective?

Paper Towels May be More Effective, but at What Cost?

While paper towels are the cleanest way to dry your hands, they are made from trees which, as we all know, comes from deforestation, which is killing our planet and needs to stop. The best things around nowadays are those new fancy hand driers that dry your hands quickly, pushing all bacteria off them as they do, but if you insist on using paper towels, just one should definitely be enough!