Do Periods Actually Make Women Moody

Once a month, women go through something that is incredible, awful and painful all at the same time. It’s called a period, but what actually happens when we go through this? Do periods actually make women moody?

It Starts in the Ovaries

At the beginning of this glorious cycle, the ovaries release one egg, just one out of over a hundred thousand makes its way down to the uterus over the next 3 days. The beginning of a woman’s period is basically her body preparing to get pregnant, so the uterus starts to form a protective lining. In order to provide extra protection for the potential baby, a woman’s body is flushed full of the hormones called oestrogen and progesterone, these help keep the lining growing and strong.

Hormones Enter the Bloodstream as Well as the Uterus

The issue with hormones is that they also get into the blood, which means eventually they will get to the brain. As we know chemicals in the brain can either affect increase or block certain neurotransmitters, which are other chemicals that exist in the brain. this puts the hole chemical balance in the mind completely out of whack with everything we are normally used to. It’s also the reason some people react very badly to hormonal contraceptives. For those of us who suffer badly, the PMS or premenstrual syndrome starts about a week before our period and lets us know it’s on the way.

PMS is When Women Get Moody, Not the Period

The reason we suffer so much as women is because the levels of hormones peak about 7 days before the period happens, hence why we get upset and have no idea why, and why we get so angry, especially when someone says ‘are you due your period’. Being asked this is the worst because we are not having one, and most of the time don’t think we are expecting one. So in conclusion, it’s not exactly the period that makes us moody, it’s the hormones being thrown around our body making us crazy, but that doesn’t mean it should ever be taken any less seriously.