Amazing Energy Facts to Blow Your Mind

Energy is an amazing thing, we use it for more than we know, so here’s some amazing facts about energy guaranteed to blow your minds.

Our Species Uses 15 Terawatts of Energy every Moment

That’s basically less than every second, it is constant and we always use it, to put it into perspective it would take 1 terawatt of energy to power 10 million 100 watt light bulbs, that’s a lot of energy to be used at every and any given moment.

Google Uses about 0.013% of the Worlds Energy

Again this doesn’t sound too crazy until you think that that much energy could power nearly a quarter of a million homes, then it seems like our favourite search engine uses a lot of energy.

If We Fed on Pure Energy it Would be Pretty Cheap

If we didn’t need to eat, and could get our energy from say, the same outlet as a microwave, we could fuel our bodies for just 33 Cents a day! That’s the cost needed to create 10,000,000 Joules of energy which is the average we need to consume to stay healthy and alive. Another interesting point on food, if you were to substitute your daily calorie intake for grams of the explosive TNT, you could make 44 hand grenades a day!

It Takes about 3 Seconds to Kill a Person with Energy

If you were to electrically charge a person for 3 seconds with only 7 milliamps  of electricity they would most likely die, hence why the horrors of the electric chair never really last long. 7 milliamps is the amount of energy and electricity contained in a AAA battery, so really not much to kill  a person at all!

Solar Power Could Provide a Years Energy Every Minute

The difficulty people have had with this one is harnessing solar power, but every minute that sunlight hits the earth, it could be harnessed to create a years worth of power for the entire globe! If we could just figure it out exactly it would be bye bye fossil fuels and hello eternal energy.

Wind Turbines Remove Energy From the Wind

As their point is to harness energy, it has to come from somewhere, but I bet no-one would have thought that wind turbines actually remove some energy from the wind itself! Hypothetical scenarios have been created where you could actually position wind turbines in certain areas and massively reduce natural, wind induced disasters.

I’m pretty sure most of those facts just blew all of our minds!