Your Brain on MDMA

With an excess of 2 million pills being brought into just the US every year, MDMA has become a very popular party drug for young people and it has got everyone else wondering exactly what it is and what happens to your brain on MDMA?

It Affects the Neurotransmitters in Your Brain

When a person takes MDMA, it is the neurotransmitter called serotonin that is affected most, it controls a persons appetite, sleeping behaviours, memory and most importantly, moods. When there is a surge or increase of serotonin, you feel very happy, and taking MDMA basically causes a huge serotonin dump in the brain, which in turn makes a person feel elated and incredibly happy. It also increases the inability to sleep which is why it makes such a target party drug.

After the High there is Always a Low

Of course, creating such a huge serotonin dump in the brain means more is taken in by certain receptors, this leaves someone a few hours after taking MDMA with much less than the average levels of serotonin. The ‘come down’ as it is known is associated with negative moods, exhaustion and depression.

Just remember, with every up there is a down, so it may be worth it for the night, but don’t make a habit out of this party drug because it has some seriously nasty long terms effects both on the body and the mind.