Can You Erase Bad Memories

It doesn’t matter what happened, but sometimes we remember something we don’t want to, and this can haunt us forever, but is there a way to actually erase the bad memories?

Memory is a Complex and Brain- Wide Process

Scientists used to believe that memories were stored in certain parts of the brain, and in looking for that what they found was that actually it is much more complex than we had ever imagined. As you go through life, different things send signals to certain parts of that brain. If a signal between cells in the brain is strong enough, then new connections are formed, and stay forever, creating the memories we either cherish or wish we didn’t have.

Remembering can Distort Memories

the act of remembering something is a mixture between creating the existing memory and imagining what it was like, if you can’t quite remember something then your version of what happened can greatly differ from the truth. Scientists tried this theory out on people who were present at the 9/11 attacks. Just a year after the attacks 37% of the details in stories had changed, and this increased to 50% by 2004!

We Can Erase Bad Memories

When we recall a memory, we are reliving it inside out brain, meaning the same cells that were triggered in making the memory are triggered again, and there are specific proteins involved in both creating and remembering memories. By targeting this protein with an inhibitor drug, when a person recalls it, then the pathways cannot be formed properly and so the memory slips away.

Finding drugs to target these proteins could help with eliminating post traumatic stress disorder from humanity, and much more help can be given to those suffering from it. But don’t worry, it would be completely optional.