Early Birds vs Night Owls

There is forever the discussion of who gets it right, the early birds who get up before the sun rises, or the night owls who don’t go to bed until it has. No matter the debate one thing is clear, some people are definitely early birds and some people are just not capable of being up that early. Similarly, people who stay up all night baffle the minds of those who have to be up first thing every day.

Sleep Preferences Are Completely a Result of Genetics

It is actually nothing to do with our jobs, or whether or not we are students, apparently they way we sleep is completely and utterly pre-determined by our ancestors and their genetics. When humans first lived in settlements, it was vital to have a few different sleeping patterns in order to constantly have people on watch. these people passed their sleeping habits down to us, so there’s nothing we can do.

Sleeping Patterns Affect More than Sleep

Considering that most activities humans undertake happen during the day, it is fair to say that night owls are at a disadvantage and have been known to suffer from something known as ‘social jet lag’, where they are actually physically and mentally compromised by trying to keep up with early bird’s sleeping patterns. Studies have reported night owl students having poorer grades overall, and being more prone to depression and addictive tendencies.

It’s not all bad for the night owls though, while the early birds may be better adapted to socialising, the night owls are known to be more creative, with higher levels of stress hormones, meaning they can be ready and alert to cope with sudden situations that may throw an early bird completely off guard.

So we can say what we want about either group, but both early birds and night owls are essential to the survival and evolution of humanity, it’s time to embrace what you are and stop changing to fit in with everyone else!