You’re Not what You think You Are

We know that our bodies are made up of cells, but what is astounding is that for every one cell we have in our body, there are at least 10 more organisms invisible to us that enable that cell to work, and each of them needs organisms to work. What we end up with when scientifically looking at a person in this way is a view of the microbiome and it shows us we are not at all what we think we should be.

There are 100 Trillion Micro-organisms Living Inside Us

On top of all the cells and parts of us that make us a person, there are also at least 100 trillion creatures living inside us that are separate organisms all on their own. These organisms contain about 22 million genes that are their own and not ours, and somehow this helps our bodies to survive and important functions to be carried out. Simply put, we could not live without them. they aid digestion and help you feel hunger when it’s time to eat. when our micro-organism helpers get sick then that’s bad news for us and can lead to all sorts of digestive issues.

We Can Directly Influence the Microbiome

Everything we eat and drink has a direct effect on the mircobiome, changing and influencing the bacteria that survive ad the ones that don’t. Many pro biotic foods help promote healthy bacteria which in turn leads to less unhealthy bacteria. Processed foods have a very negative effect on the bacteria we are made up of, while wholesome foods have a positive effect.

So even though you’re not what you think you are, you still have the most influence over who and what you are, and you can choose to make that person sickly or healthy, take good care of those microbiomes.