Are You Sitting Too Much

Most of us Spend the Majority of our lives sitting, we sit in the office all day and then in the evening all we want to do is sit and watch something lovely while sitting and eating, or sitting and having a drink while sitting and playing a game. It has to start to make you wonder, are we sitting too much?

Your Body is Affected the Minute you Sit Down

As soon as we sit down, electrical signals to our muscles significantly reduce along with the rate at which you burn calories. blood flow is decreased after only 3 hours and after a whole 24 hours, we have lost our ability top uptake glucose by about 40%, meaning more is stored and our risk of diabetes increases.

If you sit for 6 hours  a day, after just 2 weeks cholesterol levels rise, and our ability to break down fats plummets. This in turn makes the muscles weak, and reduces blood flow to the heart and around the body.

Humans Aren’t Made to Sit Still

Simply put, we are not designed to sit all day, and then all night. studies have shown that when we sit for too long, brain function also starts to slow down and we can even be at risk of serious illnesses from a sedentary lifestyle. The risk of heart disease is increased 64% from sitting around for over 10 years, and even going to the gym in the evening doesn’t counteract these effects.

It doesn’t matter if we sit for 8 hours all day and then exercise at night, the damage is already done, and the second you sit down it starts all over again, so try and move as much as possible, break away from that desk chair and get up as often as you can because our bodies are not made for sitting all the time!