What if Humans Disappeared

We humans have been on this Earth for a pretty long time in our eyes, and we have made more than a little impact on how the planet works and changes, but what if humans disappeared? What would happen to our planet if we left the mess we had made and all just vanished?

Domesticated Animals Would suffer

Without all the fencing and electricity and food to keep livestock in their enclosures, eventually they would break out and begin to search for something to eat. In addition to this, we would end up with at least a billion stray dogs and cats running around that had previously been pets. Many of these animals would starve to death or become food for another. So they don’t seem to fare too well here, even animals we haven’t intended to domesticate such as rats and scavenging animals would suffer, because there would be no rubbish for them to eat out of. These dependent animals would suffer and many would die, with a few species actually becoming extinct.

There Would be Many Fires

Especially in places like America, where lighting strikes quite often and most houses are made from timber, a fire could get out of hand very fast. All it takes is one accident or lighting strike and hundreds of homes could go up in flames, especially with no one to control the fires, they could spread exponentially. They could start as a forest or bush fire and kill everything in a hundred mile radius if the day was right. In addition to all the fires, buildings, bridges and cars would rust away and become obsolete.

Our Trash Would Survive

After humans had been gone for a few hundred years, animals would have adapted and evolved to survive in the environment as if we never existed, but the leftovers form our race will never truly disappear. The way plastic and rubber are formed by creating incredibly strong chemical bonds between materials, they are designed to last and unfortunately for earth, they will last a very long time. In deserts it will last much longer where there is no water in the air to aid decomposition, and could leave something very strange for alien life to find, if they ever did.