Can You be Scared to Death

Being Scared to death is something we hardly believe in, it may have actually happened on the occasional episode of CSI, but they were always freak circumstances, right? I mean can anyone actually be scared to death? In order to figure this out we first need to understand fear and how it manifests.

Fear Is a Surge of Adrenaline

When we get scared of something,  it is usually because we have either inherited the fear from our parents, such as arachnophobia, or because we have accumulated a perception of a particular threat to ourselves. This induces a fear response when we are confronted with something that makes us scared.

When we feel fear, adrenaline is released throughout the body which helps prepare us for the biological ‘fight or flight’ response to the stimulus. It is the reason that in terrifying situations people can get seriously hurt and not even notice, it helps people run or fight for survival depending on the brains reaction to the fear.

Fear Can Cause Heart Attacks

Technically you can be scared to death, though it is not fear that causes it as much as the heart going into overdrive and essentially giving up. The cases where people are ‘scared to death’ usually result in the revelation that the person had a pre-existing heart condition and when it went crazy it was too much.

It Depends on Our Reactions

When adrenaline reaches the heart it makes it beat much faster than normal, the more intense the fear, the more adrenaline will be released. The more adrenaline that is released creates the heart to beat even faster. Because of this scientists have come to the conclusion that it is not so much fear that kills us but our reactions to it, so if you have a weak heart, make sure you know how to calm yourself down!