The 6 Craziest Extinctions Ever

Our planet is forever changing, with over 99% of species that once lived here now extinct, it’s no wonder we are worried about what is happening, so it’s time to learn about the 6 craziest extinctions ever.

1. The Ordovician Extinction

This mass extinction occurred over 400 million  years ago, so we can’t really blame ourselves for this one. This was the beginning of large ice formations on the planet and the change in carbon dioxide levels as the water condensed caused ocean levels to drop and the conditions underwater to change drastically. During this extinction around 86% of the species alive at the time were wiped out. This was in the very early stages of the universe when most creatures lived in the water and after this the remaining strongest ventured onto land.

2. The Plant-Induced Extinction

The eruption of plants on land obviously came with the opposite affect to more ice in the oceans, much less Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, this caused cooling of the planet on a global scale about 374 million years ago. The changes in soils and nutrients produced algae throughout the oceans which basically drained it of oxygen, causing over half of the oceans life to die pretty quickly. Form here it was up to the most advanced survivors to venture onto land and become terrestrial.

3. The Permian Extinction

This extinction was potentially the worst history has ever seen. 250 million years ago the planet drastically changed with volcanos erupting everywhere causing damage to the ozone layer and worldwide and resulting in global warming to a ridiculous scale. Ocean temperatures reached over 40 Degrees and acid rain showered the earth. This crazy extinction lead to the loss of 70% of life on land and over 95% of life inside the oceans.

4. The Volcano-Induced Extinction

About 50 million years after the Permian extinction, another disaster occurred. A volcanic rift began in the earth’s crust, causing a massive influx of CO2 into the atmosphere once again and killing over 80% of species alive at the time. Yet again the survivors evolved and adapted and turned into the dinosaurs, which are still today the largest beasts to have ever roamed the earth, until they died in the 5th mass extinction….

5. The Extinction of the Dinosaurs

About 65 million years ago the most famous extinction occurred, again caused by a freak event. The theory for this is that a large asteroid slammed into the earth, taking with it all large life on earth, and leaving no sunlight and a very dirty atmosphere. The survivors became mammals and birds on a much smaller scale then their ancestors and have lived happily until we came along….

6. The Human-Induced Extinction

We know we’re damaging the planet, killing it even, but because it is always happening it’s hard to see the effects on all life on earth as a whole. Apparently due to our presence on earth extinction rates nowadays are between 100 and 1000% higher than they ever have been at a normal level. It’s on going and rapid, much more rapid than any others. Obviously something has to happen to stop this not just for the planet, but for us too seeing as historically it’s the tiniest creatures that survive and definitely not the most dominant.