What Happens If All the Bees Die

Bee populations have been steadily declining for some time now, and while this doesn’t get as much media coverage as large mammals, it may be something that we should be paying much closer attention to because what would actually happen if all the bees die?

Bees Pollinate the World

We all know bees are the number one pollinator in the world, and as we know plants rely on them to survive. Over 70% of fruit and vegetable plants rely on pollination to reproduce. we in turn rely on this for food, and pretty flowers. so if they all died, none of that would be possible and bee keepers are starting to worry.

Bees are Disappearing

Since 2006 there has been a huge decline in the number of bees in controlled and monitored hives. Some bee keepers are reporting that up to 90% of their bees have gone and it seems that once again, we are responsible for the disappearance of the bees.

It seems common pesticides are affecting bee population numbers and having a bad effect on pollination, which will have bad outcomes for us in the long run.

Entire Food Chains Could Vanish

Bees can be solely responsible for the pollination of some plant species, if things continue the way they are heading, and all the bees die, then some plants and thus the animals relying on them could all go extinct. In the case of humans, whole industries could disappear, as the loss of plants has a knock on effect to the feeding of animals.

It Could Affect More than Food

Bees are also responsible for the production of cotton, which makes up over 35% of the worlds clothing and material use. So without Bees no only would food start to run out, but you can also say goodbye to your best white cotton sheets. Cotton also makes much more than clothing and fabric, and is a massive industry, one of which some countries can’t do without.