Are You Consuming Coffee Correctly

For most of us, the day cannot start until we’ve had that first cup of coffee. The caffeine addicts out there will know all to well that the first thought on our minds are getting that drink into our bodies as fast as possible, but are we consuming coffee correctly? Or is there in fact better ways to get that daily caffeine fix?

Drinking it too Early Makes Coffee pretty Useless

Out bodies produce a hormone known as cortisol, which keeps us alert and awake in times of stress, hence why it is also named the stress hormone. Cortisol levels in our body peak in accordance with the time we usually wake up, which for most of us coincides with our daily coffee.

Research has shown that actually ingesting caffeine at times when cortisol levels are peaked reduce the effects of the caffeine on the body and end up causing a resistance to the effects of coffee.

Waiting an Hour makes a big Difference

As our cortisol levels peak when we first get up, scientists have shown that the best time to start drinking coffee is at least an hour after we have got up, therefore we will stay awake longer and be much more productive.