What Does Our Pee Say About Us?

We go to the bathroom many times a day without even thinking, but do we ever stop to think what our pee actually says about us? Surprisingly people don’t think to notice when their pee is looking a little strange which is a shame because it can be an excellent indicator or our general health.

Different Colours Mean Different Things

If you go to relieve yourself and notice your pee looking different, this is usually an indication of which toxins the kidneys have been filtering out of the body. Purple urine can  mean either an excess of Rhubarb in the diet, but could also mean you have liver disease! Green urine can mean either you’ve had some artificially dyed green food but blue can mean you have a an excess of calcium in your blood.

Some urine colours, like red and blue can be worrying as they indicate too much blood or other problems with the body, but many are just an indication that there is something the kidneys can’t filter out. Urine gets really interesting when we start to look at the shades of yellow that comes pouring out of our bodies.

Shade Matters

While we think out of all of those weird colours yellow would seem the most normal,  but looking at how dark or transparent urine is can really help us control our diets and make sure we are hydrated enough.

Too much caffine alcohol or water produces practically clean pee, whereas an excess of the substance known as urobilin cause dark pee to appear. This substance is produced when there isn’t enough water in the body and so it means you need to go and have a drink fast!

Whatever the colour, at least we finally know what our pee has been trying to tell us for so long!