Three Trillion Trees

Three Trillion Trees

Three Trillion Trees on Planet Earth

New data suggests that there are three trillion trees on Earth compared to the last assessment that was said to be in the billions.

Whilst this doesn’t mean the planet has seen huge growth in the number of trees, it does provide us with a much better understanding of our position with an estimate that stands at 8x the previous best estimate of four hundred billion. The research was conducted by Dr Thomas Crowther and his team from Yale University who used satellite images combined with ground data.

The new estimate suggests about 420 trees for each person on the planet and will now form a baseline for a variety of research projects – these include studies of animal and plant habitats for biodiversity understanding and climate modelling.

The data was collected from over 400,000 areas of forestation around the world and is seen as the best data to date. However, we should not think of this as good or bad news but just more stable data, as our forests are still under threat through humans removing 15 billion trees per year.