Who Will Survive the 6th Mass Extinction

Our planet has lived through a lot, explosions of evolution all the way to serious mass extinctions and scientists are currently speculating whether or not we are living through the 6th mass extinction of our planets history. There is also popular belief that the current mass extinction is the biggest yet, most is still speculation at some point with all of us wondering, who will survive the 6th Mass extinction?

We Have Caused this Mass Extinction

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind the major factor playing a part in this, potentially the biggest ever mass extinction, we have caused the whole thing. As humanity has grown and expanded it has become clearer and clearer that some species are holding humanities evolution back. We have had to say goodbye to many very rare species and there are countless currently on the decline. The reasons are pretty obvious, we have destroyed the majority of the worlds forests and natural habitats. We populate most of the world and with people comes urbanisation which has had devastating effects for some species like large predators and any other species who until recently has never encountered human life.

Urban Exploiters do Pretty Well

Of course with every downside there is some sort of vague upside. We have also seen some species completely flourish with the changing world and become more common than was ever thought possible, these are the ‘urban exploiters’. Lots of species have over the decades gown very accustomed to living with humans, animals like foxes do very well at the urban lifestyle and these animals are seen everywhere, but most often with their noses going through our rubbish.

Urban Adaptors do Better

Thought to be the most successful potential survivors of the 6th mass extinction, animals such as foxes. the traits these species share are being adaptable. The most successful species are ones that are very average sizes, not being too big but also not being too small. They tend to have very general diets and don’t seem overly fussed by anything really.They have  even been known to change their sleeping patterns so as to better forage through our bins at night.7

SO all in all, the animals that will survive if we keep treating the planet the way we are, are the ones that we already see very often, the rare and delicate creatures will be wiped off the face of the earth. Unless we do something to help prevent this!