Birth Of A Stingray

Stingrays are a cartilaginous fish which belong to a group of rays and are related to the shark, and here we view the birth of a stingray.

This video presents a stingray that has been caught to be used as bait to fish for sharks. During the preparation to cast this new bait into the sea, the fisherman notices that the female fish is pregnant and helps it deliver two baby stingrays. The three fish are then returned to the ocean on what in some ways was both an unlucky and lucky day.


There are 8 types of stingray that inhabit different parts of our oceans. The male stingray will court a female by following her very closely. He will then bite her pectoral disc and place one of his claspers inside her. Stingrays can give birth to litters of up 5 to 13. They can also decide to stall their fertilisation by holding back sperm inside for up to two years.


Stingrays can be used for food and are served in Asia where they are common place on the menus of Singapore and Malaysia.


They are generally quite docile creatures and won’t actively choose to attack a human. However, they have caused some higher profile fatalities that have somewhat changed their reputation, if not their behaviour. In 2006, leading TV presenter Steve Irwin was killed by a barb while shooting footage following the Stingray. The key issue for Steve was that the barb is not normally fatal if it penetrates and dispenses its venom, unless it comes into close proximity of vital organs. The venom in Steve’s case entered through the thoracic wall and caused massive trauma and death.


Stingrays are most common in tropical and subtropical waters near the coast, but some are found in temperate oceans. They also live deep oceans and some are found in rivers.