How Does a Magnet Break a Computer Monitor

How Does a Magnet Break a Computer Monitor? old computer monitors used cathode ray tubes which are very easily subjected to magnetic interference, so put a magnet on one and it will break. How does a magnet break a computer monitor though? and what exactly happens when it does?

Cathode Ray Tubes Work Using Magnets

These old school technologies worked by firing beams of electrons at phosphorescent dots on the screen, firing them at different colours at the same time produces the image that you see on your computer. The problem is that the beams of electrons were controlled by magnets, which determined which coloured dot they were firing at in order to make the correct picture for the screen. Both the magnets and the electricity get their power from the electromagnetic force so manipulating electricity with magnetism makes perfect sense.

Magnets Permanently Damage Computer Monitors

If a magnet gets too near to a computer monitor it will affect the positioning of the electron beams, causing the wrong images and colours to appear. They magnet also magnetises the phosphorescent material inside the screen permanently and so the monitor isn’t just weird, it’s damaged forever and completely broken.

So the conclusion we can come to from this is maybe get a newer computer, or just keep magnets on the fridge from now on rather than sticking them all over the monitor.