How Measles Made a Comeback

Measles was a very common disease until vaccinations stopped its advance, but recently the US has seen significant increases so we examine how measles made a comeback. Measles is associated with flu-like symptoms and rashes on the face and body, it gives people horrible fevers and can kill or permanently damage young infants.

It Started in Disneyland

Because measles is all but gone from the US population, when it suddenly appeared again it wasn’t long until scientists found the culprit measles spreader. Last December, a measles sufferer went to disneyland, and measles exploded infecting over 100 people in over 17 states. This is worrying as it could lead to an outbreak on a much bigger scale.

How Measles Spreads

Measles may have been removed from most 1st world countries but is still prevalent in other places of earth like the Philippines which is where this particular type of measles is from. Measles is a virus so can be spread by coughs and sneezes to anyone who has not been vaccinated. even though some people who have been vaccinated can carry the disease, if about 95% of a population is vaccinated there is nowhere for the disease to spread to. Calculations like this are what helped rid the earth of smallpox.

People Should be Vaccinated, but Aren’t

Studies have shown that in most parts of southern California, more than 8% of children in schools haven’t been vaccinated thus allowing the disease to spread. It is all over the US again and though the outbreak is small, the common misconception that vaccinations cause autism has created a new wave of people who have decided they don’#t care about anyone else and so wont get vaccinated., What people fail to understand here is that vaccination has to be a community effort otherwise it will never have the truly desired effect.