The Science of Anti Vaccination

The science of anti vaccination needs presenting because for some reason there is a massive ongoing debate around the benefits of vaccinations. As far as science goes vaccinations are amazing things and research has physically proved that they don’t cause autism, they are life saving hand have wiped out numerous horrific disease in our lifetime, and yet the debate between scientists and ‘anti-vaxxers’ continues to rage and so it’s time science explained the cause of this.

There is basically No Connection Between Vaccinations and Autism

The number of children being diagnosed with Autism is definitely increasing, we have statistics to show us this and there is no denying it, but the cause isn’t definite. Autism is something that is only recently coming to our attention and so this could lead to more and more inexplicable behaviours being called this, doctors who have no explanation for something could be throwing the term about in a very similar way to as we have seen in the past with OCD and Schizophrenia, but there is no proof vaccination cause it.

Autism manifests in many different ways from patient to patient and varies in severity, the different manifestations grouped together are called ASDs. There is strong evidence top suggest that genetics play a part in determining who gets autism and who doesn’t, but this doesn’t answer the whole question of where it comes from so there must be some environmental factor too. This is where the debate kicked off, and vaccinations were blamed as the environmental factor.

Blame Placing is Psychological

When people notice their child has autism they are usually in the early phases of development, and therefore will probably have had a good few vaccinations recently. This has led humans to place the two significant events together in their minds and suggestions that autism developed just after vaccinating children started to appear. the more people noticed autism, the more they also realised they had vaccinated their child and so more and more word of mouth reports appeared, which in turn led people to come to this conclusion much more readily.

Research has Proven there is no Link, and People Still Don’t Listen

Over 12 peer reviewed studies have been published that have found absolutely no correlation between vaccinations and the onset of autism, they had a particular focus on the MMR vaccine and this was also found to cause nothing. The issue with this is that people then decided it was a government scam, that’s right, they are tricking us into letting them pay to develop vaccines to eradicate disease, all to end up having to pay extra benefits for people with disabled children.