The Fish With Human Teeth

There is a new animal that’s been taking the internet by storm lately, it’s the fish with human teeth and surprisingly for the internet it’s not a Photoshop prank, it’s a real live fish, called the Pacu, and it does in fact have human-like teeth, but most other things you’ve heard about this beats from the river isn’t true.

They are Related to Piranhas, but Don’t Eat Them

Pacu fish are related to piranhas and native to the rivers of South America. This fish was caught on camera after being found in New Jersey and because of it’s crazy teeth it went viral. Like most things that go viral, it was accompanied with many elaborations of what this fish actually is.

The fish isn’t a crazy killer of its piranha cousin it is in fact a herbivore that eats fruit and nuts that fall into rivers. Yes, it’s a fish that eats nuts and I think this is more incredible than a piranha killer. This is why their teeth are the way they are, it’s for cutting and grinding.

They probably Don’t Eat Human Testicles

There is also the crazy myth that these human toothed creatures have a tendency to go for human testicles with an intent to eating them. This is a story from a fisherman living in the area and has never been proven. The only way the Pacu would have gone for this is if they got confused between their usual nuts and these ones.

Since the Pacu is native to South America it is quite weird that it was found in New Jersey. It has also been seen in Papua new guinea, North America and Europe and has become quite an invasive species in these areas, so even though it’s only just appeared on the internet, it is actually a very common creature despite how weird it looks.