Why Do People Go Bald

At some point in the majority of Men’s lives, they will start to lose hair, so we thought we should take a look at why do people go bald. This is embraced by some, hated by other, and completely denied in the form of wigs and hair transplants in others and yes, it can happen to women too. But why do people go bald? It doesn’t happen to everyone so some factors must be playing a part.

Hormones Make you go Bald

Hormones are one of the main reasons baldness is much more common in men than women, hence the term ‘male pattern baldness’, and as they affect how our hair grows it stands to reason they play a factor in determining baldness.

Testosterone is the key hormone involved in making people go bald, as sometimes hair follicles convert this into the hormone dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. It is not completely understood why, but this hormone shrinks hair follicles until the hair gets thinner and eventually stops being produced altogether. This is why baldness happens gradually, rather than overnight, one by one the hair follicles are closed and stop working.

Genes Make you go Bald

Scientists are not completely certain how baldness is affected but have managed to pinpoint a few genes that play a part in determining who goes bald and who doesn’t. Males are much more likely to inherit the baldness genes located on the X chromosome as they only have one of these any genes on here will be expressed, like the ones that make you go bald. Even the genes on non X chromosomes can affect men up to 7 times more than women, but this is another one of sciences mysteries.

Baldness is Preventable, Sort of

There are lots of products people can apply to prevent baldness, and some drugs that can block the hormones that cause the problem, our recommendation is embrace your genes and hormones and accept that once the hair is gone it’s gone, enjoy it while you have it.