Why Do Stomachs Make Noises?

Why do stomachs make noises, most of the time. It always seems to happen at the worst points too, when everything has just gone quiet in that lecture or ever important interview. You could eat just before a situation like this to maybe avoid the embarrassing stomach growl, but this probably wouldn’t help much because hunger actually isn’t the immediate cause of your stomach making noises.

The noises your digestive system makes all the time is air being moved through your bodies with he contraction of muscles that are used to move food about. As the air gets shifted through the digestive system, it creates vibrations and the gurgling we hear when we really don’t want to hear it.

Basically, as long as the digestive system is working, which hopefully it is all the time, there will be some noises made. If you are hungry this does make it slightly worse as it causes increases in the amount of muscle contractions as the digestive system is clearing our everything you last ate, to prepare for more food you may wish to shovel in. More contractions means more air being moved around and so results in louder gurgling sounds.

Eating does help muffle the sounds and stop excess gurgling but in the end it is our bodies doing what they do best, keeping us alive and I guess we have to just accept the noises it makes in return.