What Is Diphallia?

What is diphallia

The condition of Diphallia is the occurrence of penile duplication which was first reported in 1609 and has been registered as occurring in 1 in 5.5 million US men.

We have all heard the term ‘like a dog with two dicks’, used to refer to men who have the apparent desire to copulate more than usual. But this rare phenomenon in humans is seen in snakes and lizards and called hemipenes which is a two headed penis structure.


Some men may find the idea of being accompanied by two women quite appealing and you would think what better way to be equipped for such an experience. However, the condition of diphallia on its own is incredibly rare but it often comes accompanied by other abnormalities involving development of double organs in parts of the body or sometimes spina-bifida. This makes it more tricky to find subjects to study because these other conditions often result in early death.


The diphallia condition is caused by a genetic problem bought about by irregular homobox gene expression typically during fetal development in the 4th week of a pregnancy.


The chances of developing two perfectly regular penises with this condition is also rare. Often the development delivers one regular and one disfigured member with urination, erections and ejaculation not always possible with both.

Milking it

There is someone, that some may consider a more fortunate person, suffering from the diphallia condition and he goes by the name of DiphallicDude or he also uses Double Dick Dude which is abbreviated to DDD. This diphallia ‘sufferer’, appears not to, and keeps his identity pretty private. Despite his social media accounts including Twitter.

Plenty of partners

The diphallia dude took part in an online Q&A which revealed he was bisexual, lived on the East coast of the US and had slept with over 1000 partners. He gave a pretty robust explanation of how he approached the physical experience at the same time.

The book

Mr diphallia has also released a book called Double Header: My Life With Two Penises. This explains in detail how he has approached his relationships and how diphallia has effected his life.

Younger years

As a child he was told to keep his diphallia condition a secret, but considered revealing it to other kids as a form of bragging but he realised that he would be treated like a freak when he reached his teens, so decided against it. He even considered having one removed at an older age but thought again when he questioned tampering with something he was born with.

His online appearances have made record traffic levels and he has done on to do media interviews that have all helped his book achieve significant sales.

The picture and video

What is diphallia