3 Things Your Dog Should Not Be Doing

Pets are brilliant, we are all massively entertained when a dog can sing, essentially bark words or even eat a lime, but we take a look at the things your dog should not be doing. We’ve seen hundreds of brilliant pictures and video clips of dogs all over the internet, but there are some which show disturbing behaviours and, instead of taking pictures, that owner should have been taking their dog straight to the vets. Here’s 3 things your dog should definitely not be doing.

1. Pressing Their Heads Against The Wall

This is one of the most worrying behaviours to be exhibited by a dog and they should always be taken to the vets immediately if you don’t have the use of a time machine to go back and take them the week before.

The conditions is known as head pressing and it is often a symptom or a neurological problem or damage to the central nervous system. It is a result of damage to the dogs fore-brain which disrupts sensory receptors. The damage can be caused by a congenital defect or from an injury. It can be commonly seen accompanied by such behaviours as pacing and unresponsive reflexes.

It can be caused by a variety of things such as brain tumours or liver malfunction but the thing to remember is if your dog is doing this, don’t under any circumstances mess about taking pictures, get it tot he vets before it’s too late!

2. Rubbing their Bums Against the Floor

Again this is something we have all seen videos and pictures of circulating the internet, it looks like they just have an itch right? Maybe a case of worms? But the reality is that your dog is probably suffering from impacted anal glands and is most likely in a lot of pain and discomfort.

Dogs anal glands are the two scent glands that release a scent that is unique to each and every individual. It’s how dogs greet each other and recognise one another in the future. Sometimes, usually after a bout of upset stomach, dogs anal glands can become impacted, meaning they stop secreting. As they are still producing hormones they swell up and become very uncomfortable.

So if you see your dog dragging it’s behind across the ground, get it to the vets as they probably need the glands secreting for them, don’t take pictures.

3. Eating Garlic and Onions

We know dogs can’t eat chocolate but it turns out many things are bad for them that you wouldn’t expect, and garlic and onions are some of the worst things for a dog to be eating. Garlic and onions are full of sulphoxides and disulphide molecules, these bind to haemoglobin inside a red blood cell and prevent the uptake of oxygen. Too much of these foods can cause dogs to become anaemic and ill, and a massive amount could actually kill them.