3 Freaky Things Explained

Here you go, Freaky things explained!

1. Polar Vortexes

The main thing to understand about a polar vortex is that it is not a one off event. It is constantly happening. A polar vortex is the whirl of winds from the western hemisphere to the east that circle the north pole on their journey. Every once in a while the vortex slows and arctic air flows south into lower latitudes. A polar vortex was first described in the 1800s and have been studied ever since though it is not certain what causes them.

When a vortex spreads south, record cold temperatures are recorded along with freak snow and giant balls of ice forming in water bodies. Every planet with poles and winds experiences these it is only when they don’t work properly we see incidents that people often misconstrue as a freak event.

2. Why Some insects aren’t allowed sex

Lots of insects exist in colonies containing large numbers of workers and a queen who seems to do all the breeding. It turns out this is because the queen emits chemicals that render anything in the vicinity of them sterile by blocking the development of sexual organs. It is theorised that this has been a method used in insects for over 150 million years. Not that we’re ungrateful for it, imagine every bee in a hive reproducing to the same extent as the queen. that’s a lot of bees.

3. The Chain Fountain

A video released on the internet sparked mayhem in peoples minds when they saw a jar full of standard metal beads falling from the jar in a chain rather than all falling individually. because everyone went so crazy over this a team of physicists got together and explained the theory behind it.

It ¬†follows newtons law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When the first ball starts to fall it is part of a link of reactions between each ball, it is pulling the next ball along with it. Because they exist in a jar and cannot fall through the bottom, the second ball in the chain has to exert the opposite reaction on itself, pushing it up from the jar, this in turn pulls the next ball along, creating a chain of balls falling in an arc like motion. So it’s not magic, just simple physics .