5 Amazing Facts about Babies

We all love babies, they are cute, funny and make us all go awwwww uncontrollably, but here’s 5 amazing facts about babies you should definitely know.

1. Born without fully developed tear ducts

Lots of the features we have as adults were not fully developed in us when we were born and tear ducts are one of these things. This is why babies cray, all the time. Even when they’re not screaming they still seem to be crying and it is because they haven’t fully constructed their tear ducts yet, so tears are constantly leaking out.

2. Babies Can Crawl Seconds After Birth

This miraculous ability is triggered when babies smell colostrum, the milk that is full of protein and antibodies. They gain the temporary ability to crawl up a mothers bodies and onto her breasts, a couple of hours after birth this ability disappears and babies wont crawl again for months.

3. Babies Know their Mother Voices, from Inside the Womb

Studies carried out on pregnant mothers had them reading to their infants while they were still int he womb. In addition to this many strangers also read to the unborn children. Babies heart rates increase significantly when they heard their mothers voice and slowed when listening to strangers

4. Babies are Born with 64 More Bones than an Adult

Adults have 216 bones but babies are born with a whopping 270. Their cranium alone is made up of several parts that will eventually fuse into one skull, this is so the head can fit through the birth canal.

5. Babies Cannot Breath Underwater

This is a common misconception due to the fact that babies have seemed fine underwater and open their eyes as if they know exactly what they are doing. In actuality instinct is producing a bradycardic response to water, babies automatically open their eyes and hold their breath. So they can’t swim, or breathe underwater but they can survive if they had too. For a minute or two.