3 Facts About Lemmings

Lemmings are Vole like animals that live in the arctic, we all know them as stupid animals who every few years seems to be extinct, but here’s 3 facts about Lemmings you probably didn’t know.

1. Lemmings do NOT fall from the sky

The initial thought about Lemmings was that they could never exist in the arctic, imagine a hamster or rabbit living in winter in England, that’s bad enough let alone send them to the freezing Tundra.

It makes sense that due to the nature of lemmings, the thought of them breeding and living in the arctic was so inconceivable that scientists found it easier to believe they were actually  being blown there by freak weather conditions.

We know this is false, because fossils show lemming remains from over 2 million years ago.

2. Lemming Populations Boom Hard and Bust Fast

Every 3-5 years, a lemming population will fluctuate. They can multiply their population ten times in a year and following an explosion like this will obviously follow an increase in predators and a decrease in food.


Naturally, this means that numbers can drop to such low numbers that the animal is not seen for years, and so when they suddenly appear as if out of nowhere people may think they have been brought in by other phenomena, forgetting that their survival is a miracle in itself.

3. Lemmings are not suicidal Morons

One of the most common misconceptions about lemmings is that they are stupid creatures who will jump at any opportunity to commit suicide. This was a false fact created by Disney’s 1960 movie the White Wilderness.

The film won awards as a documentary and it wasn’t until the 1980s that people discovered lemmings had actually been  flown in  inside a box and ran on wheels whilst editors made it look like they were in the wild. After faking this, the producers threw the lemmings off a cliff and filmed it. By the time the lie was realized the thoughts on lemmings had changed and sadly stuck with this generation forever.