6 Shocking Blood Drinking Animals

We all know there are blood drinking animals, such as mosquitoes and leeches,  but there actually a number of bloodsuckers you may have never heard of. Blood sucking is undertaken by organisms called hematophagy and here’s the 6 most surprising.

1. Candiru

Found in the amazon river this bloodsucker is a small parasitic catfish. It latches onto flesh and drinks blood whenever it can. The case of it being removed from the inside of a humans urethra is the subject of ongoing debate, it is hopefully fake but that doesn’t stop the fish having a good drink whenever it can get a good hold of whatever smells tastiest.

2. Vampire Bat

Out of thousands of bat species, only 3 actually drink blood, the most famous of these is the vampire bat. It uses incredibly sharp incisors and it’s superior night time senses to sneak up on animals in the dark, make a tiny incision and drink up the blood that is produced.

3. Lamprey

One of the oldest fish in the sea, the lamprey is famous for its crazy spined suction cup style mouth which is the cause for much Photoshop inducing fear. With this crazy sucker jaw full of teeth they a fish, plug out some flesh and suck them dry. They have become an invasive species in America and were a major cause of the collapse of the great lakes fishing industry in 40s and 50s. So we may actually have to thank them for that one…

4. The Hood Mocking Bird

This Cute bird from Galapagos is surprisingly very attracted to the idea of a blood meal. One of it’s favorite sources of food is open wounds, causing it to actually land and drink from researchers studying the things. This Lust for blood seems to increase during the dry season so the hunger could be more about moisture than blood.

5. Butterflies

Lots of animals drink blood when they have the opportunity and many butterflies though incapable of inflicting bloody wounds they wont pass up a refreshing drink if it’s available and like other insects can be seen in groups surrounding a puddle of fresh blood.

6. Humans

I know what you’re thinking, if we put humans on here, why not every other meat eating animals out there. The fact is that humans actually drink and eat blood all the time in the forms of black pudding, blood sausage and even blood pancakes which are a Finnish delicacy, so we’re just as bad if not worse than most parasites in the world.