3 Weird Ways Olde Tyme People Did Drugs

3 Weird Ways Olde Tyme People Did Drugs demonstrates that we have been utilizing the narcotic effects of processed plants for thousands of years and scientists think it may date back earlier than this to hundred of thousands of years ago. Yes, our ancestors got high, a lot, and they used some pretty strange ways to get their buzz on, here’s 3 of the weirdest.

1. People Used Stone Age Drug Paraphernalia

The people colonizing the west Indies took drugs pretty seriously, and even had ceramic tools likes bowls and tubes to properly inhale the hallucination inducing compounds such as Cohoba. They took such good care of their tools to take drugs with they carried their kits along with them on their long trip from mainland South America all 400 miles away to their new homes in the West Indies.

2. People would Accidentally Get High from Ergot of Rye

Ergot of Rye is a nasty fungus that infects a variety of grains. It is a tricksy devil and resembles a little black grain of wheat so people used to not notice and eat this like they would any other grain. Ergot of Rye however, is not as harmless as a grain of wheat and actually contains lysergic acid, a hallucinogenic compound and main ingredient in LSD.

Ergot also produce alkaloids; chemical compounds found in drugs like opium that are very toxic to humans and mammals. Throughout history random and unexplained outbreaks of insanity would occur and no one figured out why until scientists discovered Ergot of Rye.

3. Men Used Reindeer’s Urine

The Fly Agaric mushroom is a psychoactive toadstool  found all over the northern hemisphere,  it is pretty poisonous but shamans use them in important cultural rituals and have for thousands of years, even though they are poisonous. The Saami figured a way to get high from these things without experiencing the toxic effects themselves.

These indigenous people of north western Russia and Scandinavia devised a way of getting rid of the toxins by filtering them through their reindeer. Luckily for these people, reindeer’s love fly agaric mushrooms and would never turn one down. They let them eat and harvested the urine, then, that’s right, drank it to get high…