Russian Progress Spacecraft Crashes Back To Earth

Progress spacecraft

A version of the Russian Progress spacecraft

The Russian Progress spacecraft 59P that malfunctioned on the way to the space station last week, is going to drop back to earth over the evening of May 7/8 2015.

This is a cargo only craft that is likely to return in a big fireball, whereby 20-40% of it may survive. Experts say that your chances of being hit on the head are the equivalent to being struck by lightening. The craft has been circumnavigating the planet out of control at 17,000mph since it started to orbit on Tuesday.

The craft is likely to have a remaining weight of some 1.5 tonnes, and to land somewhere over Africa or China. The view is that it is most likely to drop into the ocean but scientists are not totally confident of this. No one has ever been hit by falling space debris but that fact alone doesn’t fill yeWonder with confidence.

Every year literally thousands of tonnes of space debris re-enter the earth and most of it is burnt up on re-entry, but it happens just once a year when a craft the size of Progress drops.