Documentary On Adolf Hitlers Death, April 30, 1945

Adolf Hitlers death was thought to have happened when he took his own life through consuming cyanide and a bullet to the head. This is believed to have taken place in his Berlin bunker.  Hitlers wife Eva also committed suicide by taking cyanide. Showing his true ability to genuinely plan to the end, he left instructions that their body’s should be taken to the surface and burnt in the Reich Chancellery garden outside of his bunker.

Whilst they nearly destroyed all evidence with the burning, the Soviets put on record that the remains were discovered and interred in a number of locations over the years leading up to 1970, when they cremated and the ashes scattered. There are still differing accounts about the cause of death, but its nature was certainly stage managed to try and ensure the surrendering factions were as easy as possible to integrate.